Welcome to a Career in Social Work. This resource aims to help you understand what social work involves, why social work is a positive career choice and provide information and guidance on applying to the Degree in Social Work in Northern Ireland.

This resource provides guidance and information about the Degree in Social Work for social work students, employers and practice teachers.

Learning and development is continuous throughout social workers' professional life. This page provides guidance and support for social workers from newly qualified onwards on their professional development and what they need to do.

All registered social care workers and social workers must undertake 90 hours of PRTL during their period of registration to provide evidence that they have met the Social Care Council's Standards of Conduct and Practice for Social Care Workers and Social Workers.

This digital training course provides information on infection prevention and control and COVID-19 for all staff working in childcare and childminding settings registered with the local Health and Social Care Trusts.

This learning resource is being developed to support social care workers working within adult residential care homes, nursing homes, day care, domiciliary care and supported living settings.

This resource aims to support social care managers to recognise mental ill health and staff who maybe experiencing stress and poor mental health. The goal is to helpĀ managers create a workplace that promotes mental wellbeing.