Welcome to the Learning Zone - Supporting continuous learning journeys

Whatever your role and level of experience, we have a range of digital resources and information to help registrants develop their knowledge and skills to supplement and support their continuous learning throughout their careers.

These resources are completely free, accessible anywhere, anytime, any device. 

As the regulator for the social care and social work workforces, the Social Care Council works to ensure registrants put its Standards of Conduct and Practice at the heart of social care and social work practice and education. Adherence to the Standards supports the delivery of effective social care services both now and in the future.

 The Learning Zone aims to

  • provide registrants with access to a range of information/topics that they need to know and remember – to supplement and support their continuous learning journeys. 
  • ensure registrants are provided with consistent messages about standards, values and best practice and why continuous learning facilitates delivery of safe, effective and value-led care and support.
  • offer registrants opportinities to learn at a time and pace that suits them, as and when they need to do so. This is to support registrants to take responsibility for their own learning and development to become reflective practitioners and supports them to meet:
    • Standard of Conduct 6: As a social care work you must be accountable for the quality of your work and take responsibility for maintaining and improving your knowledge and skills;
    • Standard of Practice 6: As a social care worker you must develop yourself as a social care worker.

Our learning resources do not replace registrant's responsibility to ensure that they have the right level of knowledge and skills to carry out their role safely and effectively, nor do they replace employer’s responsibility to provide registrants with comprehensive training and assessment to ensure that they have the right knowledge, skills, competence and capability to carry out their roles safely and effectively.

The resources on the learning zone are best used to complement the training offered by employers.  Using the resources on the learning zone can help registrants to reflect on their current level of knowledge and skills. This reflection can be used in their 1:1 support sessions and appraisals to help them and their managers develop a learning and development plan that will highlight areas that may require additional training.

Feedback about the Learning Zone is overwhelmingly positve:

"Good mix of learning tools, videos, questions and answers etc. Could be used individually or with group of staff for shared learning and discussion".

"Overall, very impressed with the content … Information was pitched at the right level, very easy to use site. Excellent sources of information provided".

Employers are encouraged to use the Social Care Council’s resources and guides within the workplace to supplement and support a continuous learning culture which has standards and values at its core.

The Learning Zone can also be used by other health, social care and early years professionals and/or students undertaking training to become social care workers or social workers.

Click here to access a survey to provide feedback on the site content. This information is used to develop and improve the Learning Zone.

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Featured Resources

See below for COVID specific resources

Access up-to-date guidance and advice on how to promote and ensure good infection prevention and control in your service.

This resource has been designed specifically to provide social care workers with tools and approaches for developing their own resilience and wellbeing during COVID-19. It is also relevant to social workers and other health and social care professionals.

The resource is relevant to everyone including: social care workers, social workers, other health professionals, community groups, voluntary sector, churches who are all trying to support people at this crucial time.

Health and Social Care organisations in Northern Ireland have partnered with ORCHA (The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps), to create a library of health and wellbeing apps for everyone, including social care and social work professionals - that have been reviewed for clinical assurance, data privacy and user experience.