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Health and Safety in a Childminding Setting


This resource has been developed specifically for Childminders who are caring for children in their own homes to undertake core training to meet their Minimum Standards for Childminding and Day Care for Children Under Age 12. It has been designed to provide flexible access to the learning content and support Childminders to learn at a time and pace that suits them best.

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To access the resource and obtain your certificate of completion, childminders and early years professionals need to have Signed Up using the My Early Years Account. Once you have completed the sign up and are logged in – you can begin to work through the content.

Accessing Your Certificate of Completion: You will be able to access your certificate of completion when you have successfully achieved 100% in the multiple choice assessment at the end of the resource. A certificate will open and this will be saved into the Certificate folder of your My Early Years Account.

NB: Please note you should work through all of the content of the resource and complete all the knowledge questions and reflective learning questions within each module before attempting the final multiple choice assessment.

Remember to save your reflective learning questions to show your inspector at your inspection.

Click here to access a guide to registering a Childcare User Account.

Click here to access a guide to obtaining your Certificate of Completion.


The content for this resource was first developed by the Childcare Partnerships, Social Care Board (now the Strategic Planning and Performance Group), NICMA, the Childminding Association and social workers from the Trust Early Years Teams in collaboration with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council in 2014.

It was updated and republished on 13 May 2021.


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Updated: 14/09/2022