Health and Safety in a Childminding Setting

Digital learning resource designed for Registered Childminders to enable them to meet Minimum Standards requirements and core training in health and safety. You need to register to undertake this course.

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This new digital learning resource replaces the Health and Safety in a Childminding Setting App.

The Minimum Standards for Childminding and Day Care for children under Aged 12 require Childminders to have core training in Health and Safety. To enable Childminders to meet this requirement, the Northern Ireland Social Care Council in partnership with NICMA, the Childminding Association, the HSCT Early Years Teams and Childcare Partnerships re-developed and updated the App content to create a web-based interactive digital resource which can be accessed free from multiple devices: laptops, desktops and mobile devices with internet access.

The content has been tailored specifically for Childminders who are caring for children in their own homes and has been endorsed by the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) for use by Registered Childminders throughout Northern Ireland. It has been developed to provide Childminders with access to the learning content as and when they require and to undertake this core training at a pace that suits them.


All registered childminders will need to register to use this resource. Please include your name and surname when you register. This will ensure that your certificate (which you will received once you have successfully compelte the course) has your name on it. Remember to download and save or print your certificate when you complete the assessment. 

If you are having trouble accessing your certificate click here to access a quick guide.

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If you need any help/support using this resource, please contact the Social Care Council.  Click here to provide feedback.

Health and Safety in a Childminding Setting