Professional in Practice. Continuous Development for Social Work

Professional in Practice is

Being a professional... demonstrating the skills and knowledge which make you a professional social worker.

Being professional in... how you make decisions and how you work across disciplines.

Being active in practice... continuously developing skills and knowledge to update and improve practice.

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This resource provides guidance (including films) for social workers including those who have completed their AYE and are wanting to complete their Mandatory Two Requirements to better understand how to use the PiP Framework to support their learning and development.

Reflective Practice  - A Model of Supervision and Practice in Social Work developed by Stan Houston, Emeritus Professor, Queen's University Belfast.

This resource provides access to presentations delivered at a Northern Ireland Social Care Council virtual lunch time seminar held on 19 October 2020.

The conference formally launched the newly published Approved Social Work (ASW) Quality Standards and is applicable to all ASWs; their line managers; ASW candidates in training and ASW Professional supervisors.