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Promoting Good Nutrition


This resource aims to support social care workers know what good nutrition is, understand the importance of hydration, know the impact of malnutrition and how to support individuals who may be at risk of malnutrition and dehydration and need modified or fortified diets.

Open Resource

The resource was developed to support the Domiciliary Care Transformation (Confidence and Supply Fund) Project and DoH, Promoting Good Nutrition Strategy in 2019 and was launched at the Social Care Council Social Care Managers Forum in November 2019.

It was developed by the NI Social Care Council in partnership with social care employers (BHSCT, NHSCT and SEHSCT), the Northern Trust led Regional Prescribing Support Dietetic Team and Public Health Agency (PHA).

It has been updated in partnership with the reference group to include content on COVID-19 to support social care workers during the pandemic and to include links to Dysphagia content to support the HSC and PHA Dysphagia Swallow Aware Campaign.

It was republished in January 2022.



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Updated: 12/04/2022