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Medication Management


This resource has been developed to support Care at Home Workers and Support Workers within Domiciliary Care and Support Living settings. It provides guidance on the principles of safe and effective medication administration, the importance of knowing your role and responsibility with regards to administration of medication and being appropriately trained for any medication tasks you are required to carry out.

Open Resource

This digital learning resource has been developed by the Social Care Council in partnership with social care employers: (BHSCT, NHSCT, WHSCT (Pharmacy Lead), Leonard Cheshire and Byrson Care), RQIA and NICE. The resource was funded by the Domiciliary Care Transformation Project and critically reviewed by Independent Trainer, Suzanne Mc Stravick.

It was developed in 2019-2020 and first published in August 2020.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has produced new guidance and resources to inform healthcare professionals of the risks of serve and fatal burns with all emollients, whether they contain paraffin or not and to promote new resources now available to support staff use. This has been added to the resource within the Types of Medications and Appropriate Use section.

The DOH has launched a medication safety campaign titled Know, Check, Ask which has been supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) 3rd Global Patient Safety Challenge Medication without Harm. Click here to learn more.


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Updated: 12/04/2022