Induction Programme for Social Care Workers

The Social Care Council Induction Programme is applicable to ALL new social care workers entering the workforce and those changing jobs roles or employers within the sector - irrespective of their qualification level.


The Social Care Council Induction Programme has been developed into a digital resource to help you understand what induction is and what to expect when you start in your new role. This resource is based on the two guidances launched in 2017 as follows:

The Induction Programme:

  • Sets out the first things a new worker needs to know to allow them to do their job safely and effectively within the first three to six months of starting work.
  • It is a way to check your knowledge and understanding of your new role and responsibilities.
  • It should help support you to identify your strengths and what additional learning you will need to improve your quality of practice.

Managers are responsible for supporting new workers in their training and development. This is to help them improve their skills and knowledge in order to practise competently. 

If you need any help/support using this resource, please contact the Social Care Council. Click here to provide feedback.

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Republished: 07/09/21

Induction Programme for Social Care Workers