A Career in Social Work

Welcome to a Career in Social Work. This resource aims to help you understand what social work involves, why social work is a positive career choice and provide information and guidance on applying to the Degree in Social Work in Northern Ireland.


This digital guide aims to support potential social work candidates/students who are applying to the Degree in Social Work in Northern Ireland and includes content on the following:

  • What is social work - why people choose social work, what social workers do and characteristics and values of social workers.
  • Social work journeys - providing a range of films/testimonials from social care workers/managers talking about their journeys into social work and service users/carers explaining how they have been supported by social workers. Subtitles are available for all films.
  • The Degree in Social Work - where it is offered, what supports you will receive while you study and why you need to register with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council.
  • Applying to the Degree in Social Work - guidance to help with applications and interviews.

The Northern Ireland Social Care Council has worked with Northern Ireland employers and people who use social care services to co-design and develop this resource. It has been funded by the Department of Health-NI (DoH). 

We are grateful to all involved who have helped the Social Care Council develop this digital resource.

If you need any help/support using this resource, please contact the Social Care Council at learningzone@niscc.hscni.net.

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NB: The resource works best when launched from Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safria web browsers and may need a few minutes to load depending on your browser.

Republished: 10/01/11

A Career in Social Work (2022)