Assessed Year in Employment for Newly Qualified Social Workers

Learning and development is continuous throughout social workers' professional life. This page provides guidance and support for newly qualified social workers on their Assessed Year in Employment and the AYE Audit.


Your professional journey begins with the Assessed Year in Employment (AYE) followed by the Professional in Practice - a framework through which social workers can undertake professional awards and gain professional credits for a broad range of learning and development which can be gained through taught or self-directed study.

AYE Audit: In April each year the Social Care Council will select a sample of AYE registrants for audit who are coming to the end of their AYE.  They will be selected from all employment sectors.

AYE registrants who have been selected for audit will be informed 3 months in advance of the submission date.

Registrants selected for AYE Audit in 2022 will be required to submit their information via email using an AYE audit submission form

See AYE Guidance for Registrants and Employers for more information about the AYE Audit (pages 12-14).

Scroll down and click on "Open Adapt Module" to access the AYE digital guide, AYE forms and find out more about the AYE Audit.

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Republished - 25 April 2022

Assessed Year in Employment (AYE)