Supporting Good Continence Care

Welcome to Supporting Good Continence Care - a digital learning resource to support Domiciliary Care Workers/Care at Home Workers and Support Workers understand and deliver safe and effective continence care.


Domiciliary Care Workers/Support Workers play a very important role within the community as they may be the first people to notice changes in the person/s they are supporting. This resource aims to support workers to;

  • Develop an understanding of how to promote good continence care
  • Develop an understanding of how to prevent or manage incontinence
  • Understand the types, causes and symptoms of continence problems
  • Raise awareness of the supported person's needs in relation to bladder and bowel problems and the impact of these on their wellbeing.

This digital learning resource has been developed by the NI Social Care Council in partnership with social care employers: BHSCT, NHSCT, SEHSCT, Leonard Cheshire; PHA and Essity Ltd. The resource was funded by the Domiciliary Care Transformation Project.

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Republished: 30/06/22

Supporting Good Continence Care

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