Degree in Social Work

This resource provides guidance and information about the Degree in Social Work for social work students, employers and practice teachers.


The Honours Degree in Social Work (the Degree) is the recognised professional qualification for all social workers, as well as for Probation Officers and Education Welfare Officers in Northern Ireland (NI).

This resource provides guidance and information on the following:

  • The Degree in Social Work Programmes and what you will be studying.
  • Registration with the Social Care Council
  • Financial support for social work students
  • Values and the Standards of Conduct for Social Work Students
  • Degree in Social Work Partnership.
  • Practice learning for social work,
  • Standards and quality assurance for social work education and training.

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If you are considering a career in social and what to learn more see our Career in Social Work resource instead

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Published 25/08/21


Degree in Social Work