Credit Accumulation Route

Professional in Practice Credit Accumulation allows social workers to gain professional credits for a broad range of learning and development which can be gained through taught or self-directed study.


If you have been engaged in ongoing learning and development, you can use this activity to claim Professional in Practice Requirements via the Credit Accumulation Route and work towards an award.

The way this works is a follows:

Credit Accumulation Formula is 2 + 1 = 3

“1 Hour of learning activity + Reflection (2 Credits) + Impact of learning activity (1 Credit)  = 3 credit

By demonstrating impact, additional credits can be claimed (1 credit per hour of learning).

Impact means demonstrating application of your learning on the following (choose 1 or more as appropriate):

  •  Service Users and Carers
  •  Self (development of new skill /knowledge or further development of existing skill/knowledge)
  •  Service (e.g. developing and implementing a new service)
  •  Supplementary (teaching/training, leadership within social work locally or nationally)

Click here for information on how to claim a Requirement.

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