Open Badges

Open Badges are digital certificates recognising learning and development. The Social Care Council is working in partnership with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) to develop and pilot Open Badges. The SSSC have developed an Open Badges Platform and have given The Social Care Council permission to use this platform to develop and pilot Open Badges.

NISSC are developing Open Badges for two purposes:

  1. As a means of providing recognition and reward for undertaking learning and development directly associated with The Social Care Council for e.g. if you can demonstrate that you have learned from materials/learning resources produced by The Social Care Council then you can earn an Open Badge.
  2. As a means of “kite-marking” relevant learning and development that could then be trusted by the Sector.

NB: There are no badges available at present. The Social Care Council is working on the development of Open Badges for the Induction Programme for Social Care Workers - these will be available later this year.

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