A Career in Social Care

Welcome to a Career in Social Care. This is a career that makes a positive difference to people's lives, offering a huge range of job opportunities from which to choose from.


This digital guide aims to support individuals considering a career in social care and includes three sections as follows:

  • What is social care - who are social care workers and what they do, social care values and standards and testimonials/films from people who use social care services explaining how they have been supported by social care workers. 
  • Journeys to social care - who employs social care workers, the range of roles and settings within social care, testimonials/films from social care workers/managers on why they chose social care and a link to A Question of Care - A Career for You (interactive video resource that tests your value base and suitability to work in the social care sector.)
  • Getting into social care - the experience and qualifications you need, why you need to register with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council and what development and training is required.

The Northern Ireland Social Care Council has worked with Northern Ireland employers and people who use social care services to co-design and develop this resource. It has been funded by the Department of Health-NI (DoH). 

We are grateful to all involved who have helped the Social Care Council develop this digital resource.

If you need any help/support using this resource, please contact the Social Care Council at learningzone@niscc.hscni.net.

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Republished: 27/10/20

A Career in Social Care (2020)