Child Development App 13-18 Years

Mobile App designed for social workers, teaching professionals, youth and community workers and parents working with children/young adults aged 13 - 18 years.


This is the third App in the Understanding Child Development App series. The App like its two predecessors was developed in partnership with Dr. Anne Campbell, Queen’s University Belfast and Professor Mary McColgan, Ulster University and a reference group of social work, education and youth work professionals. The App allows learners/users to:

  • To understand the development issues relevant to the 13-18 year age group.
  • To make links with knowledge obtained from previous Understanding Child Development Apps for 0-6 and 7-12 year old children.
  • To utilise theoretical frameworks to enhance understanding of development within the specific age range.
  • To enhance professional competence in relation to decision making based on observation, assessment and analysis.

If you have an iPhone/iPad, you can download this app free from iTunes using the link bel

If you have an Android smartphone/tablet, you can download the app free from the Google Play store using the link below.

If you need any help/support using this resource, please contact the Social Care Council.

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