NI Ambassador Service

The Social Care Council Ambassador Service forms part of an initiative in Northern Ireland and the across the UK which aims to raise public awareness of social care and social work professions as rewarding, positive career options. This is to support the recruitment of the "right people with the right values" into the sector.


Social Care Workers and Social Workers join the Ambassador Service as Ambassadors to share their enthusiasm for their professions and to help to inspire a new generation to join the workforce.

Below are three guides that will provide more information about the benefits of the service, how to become an Ambassador and how to request as Ambassador. 

Scroll down and click on "Open Adapt Module" to access the guides.

If you need any help/support using this resource, please contact the Social Care Council. Click here to provide feedback.

Republished 09/10/20


Benefits of an Ambassador

Becoming an Ambassador

Requesting an Ambassador